Welcome to Moon Chaser Farm + Apothecary, where we cultivate medicinal herbs, flowers, and dye plants with precision and care. Founder and herbalist behind the scenes, Charlotte, crafts products designed to demystify hair and skincare, offering nourishment and protection against the elements. 

At mcf+a, our mission is to empower you with information about the ingredients in your skincare. We grow our herbs using organic practices on Moon Chaser Farm, or wander into the wild in search of them.

Our herbs, oils, and butters are always pesticide-free, crafted through organic methods. Charlotte has 10 years of experience working in agriculture and in organics, growing gardens in Washington and Oregon, and has been enjoying plant identification since 2018. Moon Chaser Farm is the embodiment of Charlotte's love for the natural world, and she hopes that it continues to morph and change and grow through all of its seasons, just as we all do.