Pay What You Can Tier System

In an effort to remain accessible during this time of uncertainty, I am working to adopt a model that will mean providing our quality products to folks at prices adjusted for their new (hopefully short-term) financial status. It is my hope to be able to continue this throughout the crisis, and at least until employment levels stabilize. I’d like to offer this in some form beyond this time as well, and welcome feedback and constructive conversation about what this can sustainably look like. This is a living document that I will be working on and evolving with the help of my friend Hannah Armstrong of Quiet Cricket Studio, who created this tier system (she’s amazing, support her business).

In a time when so many have lost income, I’ve been asking myself a lot what I have to offer. I’ve been able to do little things here and there, but something I’ve been interested in for a long time is a sliding scale pay structure. Tomorrow it goes live.

What this pay structure means is that if you’ve been impacted by the lay offs, the isolation, the illness, I want my creations to be accessible to you. This is not a sale. This is a way to assess what we have, where our privileges lie, and what we have to offer each other. If you are able to pay more, you are supporting not only my small business, but allowing me to continue offering this pay structure to folks who are in more uncertain times, but who also still deserve products that provide some amount of normalcy, luxury, and self-care.

For this iteration of Pay What You Can, I’ve broken the payment structure into tiers to offer some guidance on how much to pay. These tiers are only suggestions, and ultimately you get decide where in the price structure you fit and how much you are comfortable paying.

Tier 1: Full Retail

This is for folks whose income is intact, or are otherwise financially secure. Paying at this tier helps me continue to offer the pay what you can structure to others experiencing more financial insecurity, while also enabling me to pay myself for my behind the scenes labor.

Tier 2: 90% - 80% Retail

This tier is for folks who are experiencing some strain and disruption to their sense of financial security, but have different layers of privilege that insulate them from losing their homes, savings, etc.

Codes: 90%RETAIL | 80%RETAIL

Tier 3: 70% - 50% Retail

This tier is for folks who are experiencing significant disruptions to their sense of financial security, but are actively receiving government or private assistance. For example, if you were laid off but have been able to access unemployment and are receiving payments that include the $600/wk approved in the stimulus bill, this is likely the tier for you.

Codes: 70%RETAIL | 60%RETAIL | 50%RETAIL

Tier 4: 40% - 20% Retail

This tier is for folks who are most impacted by the Corona Virus. If you or someone you are caring for has been infected, is at risk, is in extreme emotional distress, hasn’t been able to access unemployment benefits, or is otherwise in some form of hardship, please don’t hesitate to use this tier. If you yourself are not in this tier but would like to access it on behalf of someone who is, please do so. I am happy to donate my time and labor for folks in particularly tough situations right now. Other examples of people who would fall into this tier are those experiencing domestic violence and those struggling with chronic illness, physical or otherwise.

Codes: 40%RETAIL | 30%RETAIL | 20%RETAIL


My hope is that we can drastically radicalize and re-shape the systems that have been in place. This pandemic, while horrible, has given us a chance to look around and question how our society functions, and what we can do to make it better. I have loved the collaboration and conversation that I’ve had with Hannah @quietcricketstudio and friends and strangers regarding these changes. I would love to hear about yours, so feel free to send me a message.